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A small alligator is on the loose in West Mifflin

click to enlarge A small alligator is on the loose in West Mifflin
Photo: Courtesy West Mifflin Police
A small alligator spotted on New England Road in West Mifflin
It's summer in Pittsburgh, and that means there is a good chance that a pet alligator will be roaming around after escaping its enclosure. And that is apparently what happened in West Mifflin.

Early morning on Tue., Aug. 10, the West Mifflin Police Department shared a photo of a small alligator that was taken on New England Road. The police said the gator looked about 3 feet long, and asked if anyone spotted the reptile to please call the police.
"Is anyone missing this….little….guy?" wrote West Mifflin Police on Facebook. "Last seen crossing New England Road. Maybe about 3ft long. Didn’t respond to any of the names we called it, and we weren’t able to check for a chip. Seriously though, if you see this wandering around, please call the police."

This is just the latest saga in the world of Pittsburgh's alligators. In 2019, stray gators were found all throughout the city, including one named "Chomp." 
Following the multiple sightings that year, a group of locals even created a music video, "The Alligators of Pittsburghers," in homage to the gators. In March of this year, Pittsburgh City Council voted to ban the sale of alligators within the city, a ordinance that took years to finally pass.