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Hunter Gatherer

Good performances help ground this bittersweet and slightly off-kilter dramedy

After getting out of prison, Ashley (Andre Royo, Bubbles from The Wire) scrambles to get his life — and maybe his old girlfriend — back. He befriends a young man named Jeremy (George Sample III), and the two trade help on their not-very-well-conceived schemes. Ashley is a perpetual optimistic loser despite his frequent setbacks, whereas Jeremy is simply too naïve to know better. Jeremy has his own money-making scheme, wearing magnets on his body for some sketchy medical-research project, but it’s cash he wants to raise to help out his ailing grandfather. Josh Locy’s dramedy appears to aim for a whimsical but bittersweet vibe, in which all these (very real) troubles around poverty, illiteracy and immature men are trappings for a study about an unlikely friendship. It’s a tricky tone to capture, but there are great performances from both actors.