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Song Spotlight: "No Lie" by KELS

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KELS looking into the camera

“No Lie” by KELS has an old-school R&B feel that is comforting, but will still be enjoyed by a modern audience. KELS started her career in jazz, and it shows — her jazzy vocal twang is accompanied by the song's muted drum beats and solo guitar. She’s performed in Pittsburgh, Columbus, and New York City, and credits jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, and Sarah Vaughn as influences. Her neo-soul sound is familiar yet unique, and her vocal range is stunning.

“No Lie” itself tells the story of “a moment in time when you finally find someone who means love when they say love,” in KELS own words. The lyrics tell the story of someone with their heart on their sleeve:

"You make it easier to breathe
Gave me my eyes so I can see
Made me inevitably free
That’s what you gave to me baby"

The chorus echoes this sentiment as KELS sings about staying with this person for her whole life. In this section of the song, KELS really flexes her vocal muscles, dipping from high to low with ease, holding high as we build to the end of the song.

"No Lie" has yet to release but is available to pre-add/save through a number of different platforms. Currently, you can listen to “Closer,” another single by KELS (there's even a music video on YouTube) that's just as good as “No Lie.” They’re both songs I’d love to see performed live in a virtual space, or in person when it’s safe again.

For now, you can stream “Closer” on all streaming platforms and eagerly await the release of “No Lie.”