These Pittsburgh businesses and groups have fun with April Fools' Day jokes | Pittsburgh City Paper

These Pittsburgh businesses and groups have fun with April Fools' Day jokes

click to enlarge April Fools' Day Cravy ad by Heinz - IMAGE: KRAFT-HEINZ, INC.
Image: Kraft-Heinz, Inc.
April Fools' Day Cravy ad by Heinz
It's understandable that a lot of people just don't feel like breaking out the April Fools' Day pranks this year. Frankly, the last 12 months have felt like one long, especially mean prank. But some Pittsburghers are getting into the spirit and providing some much-needed levity with fake products, outrageous photoshop jobs, and other ways to make ya look.

The nonprofit Riverlife may have tapped into some wishful thinking with giant slides down Mount Washington, next to the Duquesne Incline. The candy rainbow colors are a nice touch.

3 Rivers Outdoor Co., the outdoor fitter in Regent Square, has decided to only acknowledge the Monongahela and Allegheny now. See ya later, Ohio River!

Black Cat Market in Garfield has a new fur baby up for adoption. Blossom, definitely not an opossum, loves to eat trash and is immune to Lyme disease.

Pittsburgh may question its loyalty to Heinz ketchup after this announcement for its totally real, totally-not-made-up cranberry gravy, or Cravy, which is clearly poking fun at the company's own line of hybrid condiments.

Sorry beer lovers, but this 46.37 oz. Longboy can release from East End Brewing is, in fact, not real. However, the company still has plenty of regular-sized cans to enjoy. And in case you're wondering if East End actually went the extra mile to make these extremely tall cans, there's video proof.

You've heard of the Oreo Double Stuf, the massive sandwich cookie loaded with cream filling. Well, get ready for this absolute unit from local ice cream sandwich company Leona's.