#CPQuestionOfTheWeek: What is something that has recently brought you joy? | Pittsburgh City Paper

#CPQuestionOfTheWeek: What is something that has recently brought you joy?

CP illustration: Josie Norton
Last week, Pittsburgh City Paper brought you 20 Reasons to Keep Smiling, our list of Pittsburgh people, events, and businesses that are bringing us joy despite the pandemic. This week, we wanted to continue to lift readers' spirits by giving them a chance to spread some happiness.

We reached out to our readers on social media for the first installment of our new weekly series, #CPQuestionOfTheWeek:

What is something that has recently brought you joy?

Here are our favorite answers:

 "Being able to practice outside on my aerial rig. 💖🎪🌞"
— Iron City Circus Art performer Abby Richert

"I ordered some perfume that reminded me of a specific time in my life and it took me right back. I've been wearing it when I walk on the bike trail, pretending I'm somewhere else. Maybe not the healthiest coping mechanism but it's still something that brings me joy."

"Watching the garbage truck pick up and dump my bin with its robotic arm."
— Pittsburgh artist Nathan Mazur

"Getting stuff in the mail."

"My friends and I have been playing excellent hidden role/social deduction game over Zoom similar to Werewolf/Mafia. It's gotten a bit heated occasionally, but overall it's been a lot of fun."
Matthew Frankwitt

"Looking at the stained glass and oriel windows on the cool old houses in Friendship."
The Law Offices of Hall & Copetas

"Keeping in touch with my family and friends. 🙏❤️"

"Running and gardening."

And the best answer of the week?

"The thrill and excitement of trying a different setting on my electric toothbrush. The best two minutes of my week."
Eve Alden