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Quarantunes with Fortune Teller

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Photo: Nick Prezioso
Fortune Teller

We're stuck at home. Musicians are stuck at home. We're looking for entertainment. Musicians are looking to entertain. So Pittsburgh City Paper is working with Pittsburgh artists and bands to bring you Quarantunes, a series of at-home performances to bring a little enjoyment to your day.

Today's Quarantunes submission looks a little different than others. Instead of a recent at-home performance, we're throwing it back to when Fortune Teller played at The Bushnel last April.

In the video, the two-piece, fuzz-psych group performs their electrifying blues-tinged rock track “Red Eye” to a packed crowd in the DIY Oakland space. "Red Eye" is from their 2018 self-titled debut, which the band released a remixed and remastered version of two weeks ago on Fri., April 10. All proceeds from downloads and streams of the rereleased album will go to COVID-19 relief.

Up until the pandemic, band members Giovanni Orsini and J.J. Young were working on their second album.

"We're still trying to move forward with it, but it's kind of on hold until [Young] and myself can meet up again," says Orsini. "Until then, we've both been working independently, working on solo music, and doing session work remotely for other local musicians."

Watch "Red Eye" below, and find out more about what's Orsini's been up to since the start of the quarantine.

How are you adjusting to your new day-to-day routine?

Obviously it's been a huge adjustment for myself and everyone else, so we have had to make some changes! Both me and J.J. are able to work still, so our worlds haven't been completely turned upside down. We've both been trying to work on projects at home in our free time, and that helps with not being able to practice.

Name a song that you feel encapsulates our current state.
"Everything Is So Fucked Up" by TV's NORM.

What's been your favorite way to spend your time at home?
I have been spending time with the family I live with, as well as trying to write and record music as much as possible from home! I think it's important that artists continue to create and release as much art as they can during these times.

Tell us about the craziest dream you've had while quarantined.
The craziest dream I've had is honestly playing a show at Mr. Smalls Theater to a packed room. Shouldn't seem crazy, but I guess it is right now.

How can people support your music during this time?
People can support local musicians and artists by continuing to listen, buy what they can, and tune into the live streams that are happening! We will get through this together and continue to do what we love!