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The Marijuana Issue

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CP illustration: Abbie Adams
When scheduling this year's Marijuana Issue, we originally planned for it to hit stands during the week of April 20. (That's 420, a popular slang term for weed, for those not in the know.) Let's go ahead and add this week's stoners' holiday to the long list of events ruined by the global pandemic. Or is it?

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CP illustration: Abbie Adams
Reports indicate that demand is up for medical marijuana during coronavirus. As Ryan Deto reports in his story on local dispensaries serving as essential businesses during the pandemic, Pennsylvania adding anxiety to its list of qualifying medical conditions came at an opportune time. Who isn't anxious at the state of the world right now?

If you are currently being treated by a physician for anxiety and don't yet have your medical marijuana card, we tell you how you can apply to get one below. If medical marijuana isn't the right fit for you, we have some suggestions for CBD products you might like to try instead. And yes, we have some straight-up weed content too. (We are an alt-weekly, afterall.)

But it's not all fun and games. While 58% of registered voters in Pennsylvania support marijuana legalization, State Rep. Jake Wheatley is on a mission to not only legalize the growing, selling, and consumption of adult-use cannabis, but to simultaneously clean the records of those who have currently or previously faced drug charges for cannabis. As Hannah Lynn reports below, before the pandemic hit, Wheatley thought the bill was still a couple years away from serious consideration. But now, he believes it could plausibly happen much sooner.

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