Beat 'Em Bucs: Some tunes to help you raise the Jolly Roger | Pittsburgh City Paper

Beat 'Em Bucs: Some tunes to help you raise the Jolly Roger

In this week's special Pirates issue, I wrote about local band Gene the Werewolf rewriting the '70s Pirates anthem, Sister Sledge's "We Are Family," to reflect the current Bucs club. Below, you'll find that tune and some classic Pirates-related songs, to get you pumped for this weekend's all-important, home-field-determining series against the Reds.

First, old Pittsburgh jazz guy Benny Benack's classic "Beat 'Em Bucs (The Bucs Are Going All the Way)," which came out in 1960:

This one's a tune by Pittsburgh poet laureate Billy Nardozzi, who was singing it in 2010, when the rest of you were taking a piss all over the poor Bucs. Here's to you, Billy.

Here's a new-ish one from local brother duo The Incline — it's short and sweet, with some great found footage:

Here's the Gene the Werewolf tune:

And, perhaps most importantly, Myron Cope's 1991 parody of "U Can't Touch This" is a weird classic that makes even less musical sense than I remembered it making:

(I'm sure there are more new tunes I've missed — feel free to add them in the comments!)