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New Releases

Recent music from Mario Dones, Landon Thomas and Pittsburgh Track Authority


Mario Dones
10 Summers

New mixtape from the local MC, with an old-school vibe helped along by some production tricks from Nice Rec. While he subscribes to a largely old-school aesthetic, Dones starts off the mixtape evaluating the new school in a track that promises to be on his forthcoming album. At times, it gets a little long and repetitive (especially on that first track), but most of the tracks move quickly, involve deft and thoughtful lyricism and easy delivery, plus great backing tracks. Looking forward to the proper album.


Landon Thomas 
The Heartbreaker EP

Six sex jams from the young local R&B singer. How did I know they were sex jams? The first lines of the EP are: "Sex room / Welcome to my sex room." Then later in the same song, he says "sex" three times in a span of 15 words. Basically, this kid's got one thing on his mind. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The subject matter can hold up even if it runs thin; when the production runs thin, which happens here and there, it's less appealing. But there's plenty of promise here, and the track "Bang" is the highlight of this one.


Pittsburgh Track Authority
Now's Tomorrow EP
(The Harmony Society)

Three-track vinyl-only EP release from the local dance-music supergroup. Expect nuance, beauty and dance-floor-ready rhythms from the trio. The A-side is one long slow-burn of a track, which builds from a simple rhythm section to horns and flutes; the two tracks on the flip are shorter, with more synths and vocal samples. (The third track abandons the disco flair of the first two in favor of more spacey house music.)