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Performance Passes Someone’s Life Before Your Eyes

An ad hoc group of performers is staging a curious sort of multimedia show tomorrow.

Starting at noon, in a nondescript building on Bigelow Boulevard, in Polish Hill, they’ll enact the stages of a single human life. Each hour of performance or screening time will cover several years of the life depicted.

Each of 12 artist groups is assigned an hour. The noon-1 p.m. slot covers birth to age 4; at 2 p.m. they’ll start working on ages 4 and 5; and so on.

Starting around 6 p.m., as tends to happens when we get older, things speed up, and they’ll cover a decade per hour.

It all ends, predictably enough, at midnight. But in between, there’ll be dinner (and other snacks), a wedding and, at 10 p.m., a dance party. (The latter is during the ages 65-74 sequence.)

The event has no formal title, but a press release also promises “storytelling … games, film screenings, a spelling bee, art-making … a mid-life crisis, an impossible task” and more.

In a phone interview today, organizer Christopher St. Pierre said that some of the hours are scripted plays (there’s one of those at 4 p.m., for instance), while others involve audience interaction. Performers include musicians from the band Lungs, Face, Feet.

Visitors can come and go at any time.

The venue is an art studio at 3577 Bigelow Blvd. It’s accessible from Bigelow if you’re westbound. But if you are eastbound, park on nearby Beethoven Street and walk up.

Admission is on a sliding scale of $5-10.

For more information, contact St. Pierre at 412-302-0248 or