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Corbett budget under fire in new TV ad

A new progressive group -- with one of those names that sounds so harmless that it sort of creeps you out -- is launching a TV ad targeting Gov. Tom Corbett's budget priorities.

The ad, "Shell Game," blasts Corbett for presiding over education layoffs and cuts in public school spending, while extending tax breaks to corporations. (Or, as the ad puts it, " [A]fter thousands of teacher layoffs, Corbett continues to shortchange our schools, while paying for-- you guessed it -- another round of giveaways for his campaign donors.") The ad also notes a controversy surrounding Corbett's acceptance of gifts from UPMC and other corporate behemoths. You can view the ad here:

Republicans have already attacked the ad, saying it misstates Corbett's record. Since his first budget, Corbett has said responsibility for the cuts falls on the federal government and his Democratic predecessor, Ed Rendell. Rendell had plugged holes in the education budget with $1 billion in federal stimulus money, which ran out as Corbett took office. Corbett has increased the amount of state money that goes to education -- though not nearly enough to offset federal cuts.

And that's the point, says Lynsey Kryzwick, a spokesperson for Pennsylvanians for Accountability.