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Film Kitchen

Short films from locals Aaron Ward, Justin Crimone and Scott Whiteman


Three local filmmakers with distinctive sensibilities visit the monthly series. Highlights include Aaron Ward's smartly written comedy short "Late for LARP," about a hapless fantasy role-player. Also screening are three other Ward shorts including "County Fair" (a trippy nighttime jaunt to the land of carousels and petting zoos) and an untitled experimental animation. Meanwhile, Justin Crimone showcases his dark humor with "Ambush" (a drama with a twist, made for the 48 Hour Film Festival) and the science-fiction shorts "For All Mankind" (about a time-traveling hitman) and "Stink Bugs!!" And held over from last month's screening are four shorts by Scott Whiteman: two music videos, the darkly comic "Sleeping Pills" and "Left Behind Like Son," an unlikely mashup of two Kirk Cameron films.