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Review: Nevada Color, Sharkey Lewis EP

Just a few days before their performance with The Apache Relay at Stage AE last week, indie rock quintet Nevada Color released its debut EP, Sharkey Lewis. In six songs, the band embarks on a colorful adventure of bright guitars and sunny vocals (“Sweet Adventurer”), as upbeat rhythms and playful percussion reveal their desire to just have fun.

The tunes are sweet and clean. Like a well-oiled machine, each instrument blends with the others impeccably, creating a smooth, unified sound. The precise attacks on every note and chord (as in “Lucy”) reveal an extreme attention to detail, a quality that makes for effective crescendos and decrescendos throughout Sharkey Lewis. Even at the most energetic junctures of each song, the band maintains an ear-pleasing composure. Nevada Color sounds polished but sustains a lighthearted vibe (“Into the Woods”).

Aside from precision, the band also demonstrates an awareness of their sound and what elements work well together. A wealth of group vocals (as in “I Am An Animal”) adds an extra layer of melodious gold beneath Quinn Wirth’s velvet voice, while Jeremy Westhead’s spot-on drumming pairs well with busy guitar licks. Sharkey Lewis is good mood music, consisting of refined yet rollicking compositions.