Heads Up: Morning headlines for March 6 | Pittsburgh City Paper

Heads Up: Morning headlines for March 6

Pittsburgh City Council, rattled by suspicions considering the police bureau's handling of money, is belatedly proposing reforms that may lead to tightened-up accounting procedures. City Council President Darlene Harris -- who by the way is running for mayor -- wants to direct City Controller Michael Lamb -- who is ALSO running for mayor -- to, like, look into things.

A Commonwealth Court judge may have just saved the state's "adultBasic" insurance program for the working poor. The program was a casualty of Gov. Tom Corbett's budget cuts, but judge Dan Pellegrini ruled that the state was wrongfully diverting revenue from a tobacco-fund settlement into non-health-related expenditures. Potentially a nice win for struggling families.

... But wouldn't you just know that at almost the same time, another budgetary decision may close dozens of state health centers, which provide vaccinations, STD testing, and other services in rural counties -- including several in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Add yet another poll to the pile of evidence showing that an overwhelming majority of Pennsylvanians support universal background checks for gun purchases.

PNC Bank plans to close some 200 bank branches this year in a cost-cutting plan. And in related news, Strip District fishmongering landmark Benkovitz Seafoods has closed.

The folks at South Side printer Commonwealth Press are auctioning off the brick used to smash their window recently. If the South Side as a whole could figure out how to capitalize on acts of vandalism, it could probably afford its own police force. There's an opportunity here, Pittsburgh mayoral candidates!