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RuPaul's Drag Race: Alaska Watch

Uh oh! After weeks of being lauded for being funny, Pittsburgh's own Alaska got called out by RuPaul for hiding behind comic routines and not showing enough vulnerability. Say what? Since when has showing vulnerability been part of drag, and when have we ever seen Ru give anything but highly lacquered and utterly put-together?

But it's her show, and Ru twisted the knife a bit more by sort of saying Alaska was trying to live up to last season's winner — and her boyfriend — Sharon Needles. Alaska looked genuinely stunned and upset, and this coming right on the heels of her besties Detox and Roxy kinda forgetting about her on the runway, when they were trumpeting their RoLaskaTox power unit.

Maybe Ru's just trying to crank up the drama by freaking Alaska out, since you, me and everybody else is bored with the tedious Coco-Alyssa feud.

The show's keeper slack-jaw moment was when guest judge LaToya Jackson had the termerity to suggest we'd seen all there was to see about Alaska. That's rich coming from a woman who does ... was on ... did that ... well, she's one of Michael Jackson's sisters.

Note: Circumstances will cause me to miss the next two episodes, so fingers-crossed Alaska makes it well into March.