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Animal Rescue League needs to be "Liked" in a big way

The Animal Rescue League needs your help to secure a $25,000 contest price from animal lover, celebrity chef and talk host Rachael Ray.

The shelter, located in East Liberty, is an "Open Door" facility which means it accepts all animals that need to be sheltered. The competition is the Rachel Ray ASPCA $100k Challenge and ARL is currently in the lead for the contest's Community Engagement Award which is decided by the number of votes an agency receives on Facebook. The winner will receive $25,000

Currently ARL is in the number one spot and voting expires at Midnight tonight. They have fewer than 1,000 votes more than the Humane Society of Central Washington in Yakima, Wa. And since Washington is three hours behind Pittsburgh you can vote now while they're still sleeping. You can cast your vote on the contest's Facebook page.

And just to play on your sympathies to make you go vote, here's a picture of "Chuck," a little Chow Chow ready for adoption at the ARL. Chuck wants a new home and the $25K:

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