Lynn Cullen Live - 8/21/19 | Pittsburgh City Paper

Lynn Cullen Live - 8/21/19

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The new documentary 'American Factory' is one that Lynn is looking forward to watching. The New York Times review is making her even more interested. This film is the first movie released by Barack and Michelle Obama's movie company Higher Ground Productions in conjunction with Netflix. 'American Factory' documents the closing of a GM factory in Ohio, and it's reopening by a Chinese company as an auto-glass manufacturer.

In addition to this documentary, Lynn is talking about a recent study on internet speeds. It turns out that most households don't actually need the new higher speeds that are being released. The study found that many people don't even notice the difference when placed on the new higher speeds from what they previously had. In the second half of the show Ryan Deto will once again be here to discuss the stories interesting him.

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