Analysis: Rothfus uses golf as a wedge issue (get it?) | Pittsburgh City Paper

Analysis: Rothfus uses golf as a wedge issue (get it?)

So it has come to this: Republicans -- who are led by the chameleon-like Mitt Romney -- have made the ultimate flip-flop. They are now against golf.

Or so it would seem, based on the latest TV ad from Congressional candidate Keith Rothfus, which begins, "As President, Barack Obama has played over 100 rounds of golf. Keith Rothfus has played one round -- of miniature golf."

Obviously, this is part of Rothfus' ongoing effort to convince western Pennsylvania voters that he is not a cyborg. Like his first TV ad, this spot asserts that Rothfus is a "regular guy," which in itself raises some questions. How many "regular" guys want to run for Congress -- and are capable of raising nearly $900,000 to do so? And how many times can a person insist he's "just a normal guy" before you start to suspect that there's something deeply, deeply wrong with him?

But the real question here is: What does this alleged "regular guy" have against golfers?