New Rothfus ad claim: I'm not an alien! | Pittsburgh City Paper

New Rothfus ad claim: I'm not an alien!

Keith Rothfus, who is challenging incumbent Democrat Mark Critz in the 12th Congressional District, is introducing himself to voters with a TV ad that makes a surprising claim: Despite appearances, I am not an alien.

See? Not an alien
  • See? Not an alien

The ad, which has a humorous tone, makes a series of claims for Rothfus as a typical member of the species homo sapien, or at least the white, suburban-dwelling variant of it. Rothfus, we are told, does such typical American-male things as take his kids to school, fix bikes, mow the lawn, oppose Obamacare, and espouse a laissez-faire approach to the economy that would make Milton Friedman blush.

You know, guy stuff.