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Film Kitchen

This month's program of local films includes the art of campaign promos, visits to Warhol's grave and youthful Jewish secret agent

An Andy Warhol fan in Madelyn Roehrig's "Year II"
An Andy Warhol fan in Madelyn Roehrig's "Year II"

At the next Film Kitchen, you could ask Andrew Kelemen about the craft with which he edits, and sometimes shoots, campaign ads. After all, some ads are lensed one day, edited the next and aired on the third — and he'll discuss how after 14 examples screen. Viewers might also wonder whether his politics square with ads for archconservatives like U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R-La.) and presidential aspirant Rick Santorum. Kelemen, 26, works for a local production house whose chief clients include BrabenderCox, the Pittsburgh-based agency renowned for its ads for Republicans. As for one's own politics, "You check that at the door," says Kelemen, 26.

Also screening is work by distinctive local filmmakers Madelyn Roehrig and Leibel Cohen. Every day for three years, Roehrig has visited Andy Warhol's grave, in Bethel Park. In this 25th-anniversary year of his death, her video vigil yields shorts including the half-hour "Year II," with "Happy Birthday" sung by revelers in Andy wigs, and more. Cohen's 45-minute "Agent Emes Rides a Donkey" continues his long-running comedy-action serial about an Orthodox Jewish boy secret agent battling forces decidedly unkosher.