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DiAnoia's old-world pizza gets its own home with Pizzeria Davide

Pizzeria Davide, a new take-out only pizzeria from the owners of DiAnoia’s Eatery, officially opens on Friday.

The pizzeria is the result of high demand for DiAnoia’s old-world style pizzas, currently only offered during lunch and brunch. Pizzeria Davide gives DiAnoia’s fanatics a chance at pizza six days a week.

Just as many of the new Pittsburgh pizzerias and chefs have found a niche in the city pizza scene, chef and owner of both DiAnoia’s and Pizzeria Davide, Dave Anoia, is finding his own. The pizza world is tight-knit, which Anoia says, “brings out the best in everybody.”

At the new pizzeria (2551 Penn Ave., Strip District), he’s using the dough recipe from DiAnoia’s, a three-day dough made with artisanal Molino Pasini flour. Once it’s made, the dough ferments for 24 hours, then balled and portioned before another day-long hour ferment. It's finally ready for use on the third day.

On Pizzeria Davide’s menu, Anoia features three styles of pizza: the old world, a pie covered in provolone cheese, topped with sauce, parmesan, basil, and oregano; the marinara, a no-cheese pie with sauce, garlic, oregano, and olive oil; and the margarita, based with fresh mozzarella and sauce, then finished with basil and olive oil. Pizzas are available in two sizes, 12 inch and 20 inches.

Location Details

Pizzeria Davide

2551 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh Strip District

In addition to the three pies, Anoia offers a few specials. The menu lists a white pizza, old-world style pies with toppings like Lebanon bologna and soppressata, and a New York-style pizza, inspired from his recent pizza research trip to NYC.

Philly cheesesteaks, made traditionally with fried onions, provolone, cheese whiz or hoagie-style with lettuce and tomato, will be available every day in limited quantities; Anoia will only make 50 per day.

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Photo: DiAnoia's
The meatball bomb at DiAnoia's

Small plates combine pizza shop traditions with some twists, featuring items like wings, garlic knots, and a meatball bomb (a meatball wrapped in mozzarella and pizza dough).

Pizzeria Davide, for now, is take-out and delivery only, but eventually, Anoia plans to add a few picnic tables. The eatery, located right behind DiAnoia’s and marked with a red awning, is open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Tue.-Sun., starting May 3, and will be available for take-out and delivery through GrubHub.