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Sharon Needles Watch!

Episode One: Local Girl Makes Good

Of course our local gal, Sharon Needles, would easily win RuPaul's Drag Race's first challenge: zombie-slash-post-apocalyptic couture. When it comes to Lifestyles of the Undead, it's Advantage Pittsburgh.

After decades of drag and three seasons of RuPaul's increasingly demented (and popular) show, you'd think you'd seen it all. Until Sharon spewed up a mouth of fake blood strutting down the runway during the RuPocalypse challenge. And made it look good.

It was sweet, bloody victory over Sharon's bitchy co-contestants, who, on any other day, would have been the freaks in the room. This season features the usual complement of high-strung skinny-minnies, Big Beautiful Women with much attitude and booty, and the slightly hysterical -- and super-short -- chica from Puerto Rico.

But from the moment of Sharon's entrance into the work room — dressed as a goth witch with white contact lenses — the queens started sniping. The hits on Sharon ran through the episode. "What a wack-job," "She creeps me out," and most memorably, "I feel like I need to pray the rosary when I talk to her."

Sharon was undaunted, describing herself as "beautiful, spooky and stupid." Even in guy-mode, she was the unrepentant hot mess in a room full of well-groomed gay men. Sharon rocked her scrawny bod, a Tammy Faye Bakker tattoo and a double-processed bleached-blonde shag that recalled Mrs. Brady, if the beloved TV mom had woken up in a Dumpster after a four-night bender. She made a fan with Princess, the other edgy tattoo-ed and pierced girl, who swooned: "You're the kind of guy I go for ... the meth look."

Miz Needles dominated the runway, winning over her idol and guest judge, Elvira, while the defeated girls half-heartedly clapped. The other queens maybe have come dressed to kill, but Sharon, beyond the pale and lovin' it, simply came to kill.

RuPaul's Drag Race airs on Logo cable channel, Monday nights at 9 p.m., with repeats throughout the week.