Restless | Pittsburgh City Paper


This teen romance is more wispy than heartfelt

A pair of teen-age misfits meet and fall in love in Gus Van Sant's dramedy. Enoch (Henry Hopper) is a brooder who likes to go to funerals, and has an imaginary friend who is a World War II Japanese kamikaze pilot. At a memorial service, he meets Annabel (Mia Wasikowska), a perky lover of seabirds, who just so happens to be dying of cancer. The two -- who each have an enviable wardrobe of vintage clothing -- embark on oh-so-charmingly quirky dates; break up and pine; and, in time, learn valuable lessons about life and love. Restless is a curiously lightweight outing that never manages to feel either profound or tragic: Its leads are attractive, but not one thing they do or say seems rooted in any hard reality, despite the presence of a terminal illness. Van Sant is unwilling to commit to either dark comedy or melodrama, and the result is the presentation of doomed but ethereal love affair as if dreamed up by a sentimental 13-year-old girl. Starts Fri., Oct. 21. Manor