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Just Go With It

In which Adam Sandler vacations in Hawaii, ogles boobs and finds true love

In the fantasy world of this man-child romantic comedy, Danny (Adam Sandler), a plastic surgeon, discovers that pretending to be unhappily married is the perfect way to score one-night stands with gorgeous young women. So naturally, when Danny meets the perfect woman (Brooklyn Decker), he must woo her by pretending to be suffering a painful divorce from a Housewives-style harpy. His faithful office assistant (Jennifer Aniston) takes this gig – she also has two bratty kids that Danny slaps and pretends to adore. The whole gang, plus Danny's idiot pal (Nick Swardson), wind up in Hawaii. This enables not one but two bikini pose-offs (Aniston vs. Decker and Aniston vs. Nicole Kidman(!)), but also I suspect it allows Sandler and crew to simply enjoy a free holiday while making a totally phony and frantic movie about true love. Any fool can see where Dennis Dugan's farce is going. (It is, in fact, a re-boot of 1969's Cactus Flower.) The question you must ask is: How many Sandler grimaces and poop jokes can I sit through to get there?