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Aging spies prove just as dangerous – and silly 

As we know from TV, movies and novels with black shiny covers, retired spies never really stop working. Or stop being pursued. So, of course, former CIA agent Frank Moses' (Bruce Willis) bland-o life in Cleveland is interrupted by a dozen or so hit men. Moses hits the road -- and hits back, rounding up his old cronies, part of a "red" (retired and extremely dangerous) team. I can't even remember the why of it all: Suffice to say, many things are exploded, and thousands of bloodless bullets fly. Robert Schwentke's film is adapted from a DC comics series, and its primary purpose seems to be to give audiences the delight of seeing a limo's worth of award-winning thespians blow shit up. Helping Willis take out an endlessly replicating stream of villains are Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Dame Helen Mirren, who not only shoulders ginormous weapons but also blithely wears fur. It's PG-13 violent, silly and knows it: It's a standard quippy action flick, but this time the plot holes are filled with Oscar winners. Starts Fri., Oct. 15.