This Just In: October 14 - 21 | Pittsburgh City Paper

This Just In: October 14 - 21

Bye, Bye, Bye!

Summary: OMG! There was nothing to do last Sunday because there was no Steelers game! Reporter:  Shannon Perrine, WTAE Channel 4 Airtime: 45 seconds on Oct. 11 Highlights: * When Perrine embarks, "Steelers buzz now: And it's countdown time to the return of Roethlisberger. The Black and Gold had a bye week this weekend as you know. They will be back on the South Side for team meetings starting tomorrow." * When Perrine asks this thought-provoking question: "[W]ith no game, what's a Steeler fan to do on a Sunday?" * When a diehard female fan from East Liberty answers, "I'm not watching other games. They don't mean nothin' to me." * When a young man from Swissvale speaks: "Just taking it easy, got a bye week this week. Can't wait till we play them Browns." Whatever happened to living "in the moment," young man? * These words from a Regent Square man: "It's a beautiful day. I thought, 'No game, might as well get out and see the world.'" * When Perrine agrees, "Good idea." Unanswered Question: What do Steelers fans do all those Sundays during the off-season?  What We Learned:  It would be great if spouses were as faithful as Steelers fans! News Value:  1. Steelers nation has spoken. Unfortunately. 

Promo of the Week: The ominous male voice who does the promos for WPXI asks, "Is cooking pasta a hassle? Then the 'pasta boa' promises to help! Target 11's Robin Taylor puts it to the test with local families. Does it really save you time, while keeping your food tasting great?" Apparently, some people find it hard to boil water. But at least now we have the answer about what to do when the Steelers aren't playing: make pasta, and make fun of this promo. Then again, the promo is so awful, how could I miss the report? WPXI wins again!