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Winnebago Man

You either know who "Winnebago Man" (a.k.a. "The Angriest Man in the World," a.k.a. Jack Rebney) is or you don't. Rebney gained infamy in the late 1980s, when VHS tapes of his profane rants and volcanic meltdowns during the shooting of a promo film for Winnebago started making the rounds. (Kids: In the old days, viral videos were sent through the U.S. Mail, or passed around in person.) Later, clips of Rebney's tantrums were spread on the Internet, sparking an even wider fanbase. (Go ahead, I'll wait while you YouTube.) But Rebney was a one-hit wonder, and his legions of fans were clueless about whatever happened to Mr. Angry.

Until now. Texas filmmaker Ben Steinbauer tracks down Rebney, and -- this is probably the most amazing part -- the former pitchman, now in his late '70s, has no idea that he's an Internet- and cult-film superstar. The bulk of the film covers Steinbauer's attempts to get Rebney to talk about himself, and it's frankly not very interesting. (Fans of Winnebago Man, of course, will want to see Rebney in his natural habitat regardless.) The film's shorter bookends are better, detailing how the "Winnebago Man" phenomena developed, and what happens when Rebney finally meets some the hipsters who hold his rants sacred. But Steinbauer struggles to make this film anything more than a shaggy, not very illuminating look at one ... well, angry man. Starts Fri., Aug. 13. Regent Square