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Grown Ups

Despite the title, the juvenile behavior continues

Here are five guys I'd rather not know: Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider. Because if they think this movie is funny – and admittedly, they at least look like they're having fun making it – then we have nothing in common. In Dennis Dugan's PG-rated comedy, these five play junior-high buddies, now in their 40s, who reunite for a holiday weekend at lakeside cabin. Also in tow are some of their obnoxious progeny; a Chinese nanny; and their assorted life-companions: Salma Hayek (who seems to have wandered in from Sex and the City), Joyce Van Patten (in from the 1970s TV), Maya Rudolph and Maria Bello.

Apparently, 40 is the new 10, because these guys are non-stop with the stupid insults; the poop-and-pee jokes; the giggling awkwardness about sex; and the unabashed oogling of young women. Sandler and Co. try and cover for this juvenile mess by having some aw-shucks subplot about the old-fashioned joys of just hanging out with friends and family sans fancy toys and high-tech distractions. Because, apparently, nothing is as truly bonding as peeing in the kiddie pool, and thinking it's funny.