Where are all the music blogs? | Pittsburgh City Paper

Where are all the music blogs?

Elsewhere in the country, the problem is an overstock of music blogs -- everyone and her brother is posting MP3's and chattering about the alleged contents of the possibly-legit leaked track list of the forthcoming Wolfdeer EP or whatever. Here in Pittsburgh -- seemingly not so much. I can think of one or two music blogs beyond this and the other fulltime publication in town. On the flip side, there are a hundred thousand blogs on local politics (though those have been falling with regularity of late, so I shouldn't speak too soon).

So what's the problem? Is it just that I live under a blogrock? Or do we in Pittsburgh have no time for such pithy stuff? Is it that we're satisfied with the handful of music-scene-based forums that exist, and don't feel a need to create blogs in addition?

Obviously, I don't know the answer, or else my post title wouldn't have a question mark in it. I'd be interested in knowing what you, gentle (well, okay, probably slightly aggressive) reader, think. Do you have a local music blog that I just don't know about? Do you have a good reason not to? Should music blogs transcend geographic limitations, thus rendering this question moot?

Do feel free to post in the comments and tell me what's up.