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The Foot Fist Way

Micro-budget comedy can't find its funny footing.

There's more buzz about how this low-low-budget film, shot by buddies in suburban Charlotte, N.C., was discovered by Will Ferrell and propelled into the mainstream, than about the movie itself. That may be because everybody loves a Cinderella story, whereas few people like a laughless comedy. Foot Fist, directed and co-written by Jody Hill, clumps along unsuccessfully in that semi-fashionable but very narrow band of comedy where not being funny is part of the meta-joke. There's even barely a plot: A strip-mall tae kwon do teacher (Danny McBride) is a self-deluded idiot and nobody. The end. There's the odd flash of funny -- McBride does a great deadpan -- and a mild riff on suburban ennui, but it's not enough to sustain a full-length film. (AH) [capsule review]