I Want Somebody To Eat Cheese With | Pittsburgh City Paper

I Want Somebody To Eat Cheese With

Jeff Garlin, of TV’s Curb Your Enthusiasm, checks in with this thin, mildly entertaining dramedy about a struggling actor in Chicago.

Garlin, who wrote and directs, portrays James, a lumpy sad sack of a directionless guy: He’s nearing 40, lives with mom and eats junk food to fill the loneliness. It’s telling that his dream gig is Paddy Chayefsky’s “Marty” — the role he’s already living. Chance encounters with two women — a manic shop clerk (Sarah Silverman) and a nervous schoolteacher (the always droll Bonnie Hunt) — provide the kick-start, however painful, that James needs. Cheese is a typical low-budget indie talkie, with lots of self-conscious nattering about food and self (some of it amusing), and a vibe that balances cynicism with heart.