Control | Pittsburgh City Paper


Control, based on the book Touching From a Distance, by his wife, Deborah Curtis, portrays the events leading to this tragedy. As the English band's star begins to rise, pressures on Curtis pile up: struggling marriage; day job; epilepsy; fatherhood; girlfriend; barbiturates; a glimpse of success. But as much as Curtis seems to lose "control" of his circumstances, what seemingly underlies it all is his own fundamental creative isolation. While a story with this inevitable conclusion could become a ghoulish death-march, director Anton Corbijn's lens captures the ennui in everyday gestures and realities, rather than through the expected suicide money shot. Control is as stark, distant, disturbing and compelling as Joy Division's music and, we're led to believe, its troubled frontman. Newcomer Sam Riley shines as Ian Curtis, alongside the excellent Samantha Morton, as Curtis' wife, and Alexandra Maria Lara, as his girlfriend, Annik Honoré.