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Balls of Fury


A former Ping-Pong champ is lured from retirement by the FBI, and trained for a death match. Yes, the premise is silly, and many balls meet many crotches, but Robert Ben Garant's spoof of The Karate Kid Enters the Dragon remains amiable and even scores a couple gut-busters. Rather than risk Christopher Walken stealing the film, Balls just gives it to him -- and he runs deliciously amok as the crime lord and Ping-Pong enthusiast Feng: those glittery robes, that demented cadence; his singing, dancing and preening! In fact, Fogler's biggest battle isn't at the Ping-Pong table but going paddle-to-paddle with such glorious hams as Patton Oswalt, portraying the reigning P-P master of Reno; vet James Hong, back again as the sage Oriental; and Reno: 911's Thomas Lennon, as the east German competitor, in shorty shorts, natch.