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From: http://lielikeluke.blogspot.com

Good luck getting this piece of sh*t out of committee ...

U.S. Reps Phil English, R-Erie, and John Peterson, R-Venango, are turbo-charging their agenda to introduce a transportation bill that would eliminate PA's ability to collect tolls on I-80, by creating legislation that would nullify every state's ability to collect tolls by requiring tolls to be paid as an excise tax to the federal government. So, all of those highway worker CBA's, road-maintenance agencies, and other entities funded by highway tolls will be flushed down the drain. All of this, to obstruct PA's plan to collect tolls on I-80 to fund half of the state transportation budget -- which includes an increase in funding for public transit in Allegheny County.

Well, for any libertarians and other paleo-conservatives out there:

How do you feel about two "conservative" republicans introducing legislation that crushes the right of any state to collect tolls, and replaces it with a federal excise tax?