BASIC INSTINCT 2 | Pittsburgh City Paper


This follow-up to 1992's erotic, twisty drama finds the novelist Catherine Tramell on the job in London ... that is, writing, screwing and (oh, quite probably) killing. Sharon Stone reprises her role as the naughty, man-eating scribe; this time out, it's a psychiatrist (David Morrissey) ensnared in her web. Despite an outrageous and wonderfully ridiculous opening scene (hint: driving and masturbation do not mix), director Michael Caton-Jones neglects the obvious camp value of this unnecessary sequel, and plays the weak material seriously. The result: a tedious thriller that doesn't give the audience much chance to wholeheartedly embrace the fact that our good doctor works in a building shaped like a dildo, or to relish such delicious bad moments as when an impassive, half-naked Stone hacks away in her kitchen with a huge ice pick. Films such as these can survive being badly written and poorly acted, but BI2 can't shake its worst sin: It's boring. (AH)