GYPSY 83 | Pittsburgh City Paper


In the spring of 2001, proto-gay high schooler Clive (Kett Turton) is penning his term paper on "Stevie Nicks: Unlikely Godmother of Goth" with help from his pal, Gypsy (Less Than Perfect's Sara Rue), a disaffected lump of a young woman trapped in a bustier and the inertia of her 20s. In Todd Stephens' quirky buddy flick, these two creatures of the night -- who by day have to endure living in Sandusky, Ohio -- set off for New York City for a Stevie Nicks tribute show. Finally -- goths have their own road movie, and it seems that even the black-ruffles set is prone to the same pitfalls, heartaches and life lessons en route. Like some goth kids you might spot in real life, Gypsy sports an obvious air of contrivance and longed-for melodrama, but Stephens does convey some of the bittersweet moments of youth, complete with their pettiness and all that addictive mountain-out-of-a-molehill drama. Oaks