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Letters to the Editor: Feb. 28 - March 7

Breaking faith

Thank you for "Crisis of Faith" [Feb. 14], an informative article about an event that happened three months ago but will not go away -- as well it shouldn't. I have seen this story still circulating across the country in various media sources.

I have two comments: First, I think it's total BS that KDKA is claiming they are protecting the public from "illicit" activity. Anyone who believes this is out of it. We all know what they were doing. Ratings! What do they do, spend all their time researching public officials to find skeletons in the closet? They clearly went over the line, but because there might be pending lawsuits, they are not going to admit their wrongdoing. Shouldn't the issue here be: Did KDKA/Marty Griffin cause a death? But wait, Rev. Dugan was allegedly gay, so who cares?

Second, what is the story about this other man that allegedly was involved in a four-year relationship that dissolved into him setting up the reverend to Mr. Griffin? Why did he do this? Was he paid money? How culpable is he?

-- Paul Potter, Bloomfield

Thanks for exposing Marty Griffin.  Only when the people stand up and say that we don't want the type of trash that he and the media are peddling will it end. While the media revel in the stories about Anna Nicole Smith, the Middle East is on fire and a good candidate for the presidential race, Tom Vilsack, has to end his quest because he can get no money or exposure. The mainstream media now sells entertainment and sensationalism instead of news that matters.  In this case, their actions caused a man who had broken no laws to end his life rather than face the humiliation that Griffin and KDKA had so gleefully promised their audience.

-- Bob Abraham, Mount Lebanon