Pittsburgh company leads the field in active shooter trainings | Pittsburgh City Paper

Pittsburgh company leads the field in active shooter trainings

Encountering an active shooter isn’t easy to prepare for. In light of the recent mass shootings seen around the country and here in Pittsburgh, groups are finding more and more of a need to train for the unexpected. In response, active shooter trainings are popping up across the country, teaching schools, offices, and religious centers tactics to recognize and react to mass homicide.

But one local company has been leading the field since 2003 — INPAX Academy. “Since inception, it’s been our mission to empower people and organizations with the same skills used to protect public figures,” says Sam Rosenberg, the company’s founder.

A former Marine Officer and bodyguard to celebrities, dignitaries, and business leaders, Rosenberg has dedicated his life to protecting people and organizations, and for the past 16 years, is teaching them to protect themselves. “It’s good to have a lifeguard, but better to know how to swim,” is the central philosophy of INPAX’s comprehensive training programs. The veteran-owned establishment instructs and empowers across a full spectrum of personal and travel security to self-defense, defensive firearms, and active shooter response, the goal being to build a safer community through individual empowerment.

Universally, federal, state, and local law enforcement recommends two things to combat mass homicide: have a plan and get training. For an active shooter situation, the universal plan stands on three actions: run, hide, or, as a last resort, fight. But are any of us truly prepared for this situation? If we have to run — Where?  And if we need to hide — How? Most importantly, what do we do if we come face to face with an armed intruder and have no choice but to fight back?

“We don’t rise to the occasion, we fall to the level of our training,” Rosenberg explains. Our physiological response to danger absent training, is to freeze or panic. It’s a natural reaction from the central nervous system, but it takes surprisingly little training to begin to recondition that response and give people real solutions. “The goal of training is not to turn you into a ninja. It’s to ensure you can think under pressure, make good decisions, and be able to take action.”

INPAX is open to the public and is located just north of Ross Park Mall off McKnight Road. INPAX offers a state-of-the-art indoor shooting range, retail store, and full-spectrum personal security academy offering fitness, self-defense, and firearms training for individuals, corporations and law enforcement agencies. For more information visit LiveWithConfidence.com.