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Dressing like a witch for under $50

Which City Paper staffer pulled off the better buy for a Halloween outfit?

click to enlarge Dressing like a witch for under $50
CP photo: Jared Wickerham
Halloween face-off: Jordan Snowden vs. Hannah Lynn

Staff writers Hannah Lynn and Jordan Snowden were given an assignment: pull together a witch outfit for less than $50. Hannah went to Goodwill, Jordan to a Halloween Superstore. How did they do? 

Dressing like a witch for under $50
CP photo: Jared Wickerham
Hannah Lynn

Hannah: If a genre of clothing exists, it can be found at Goodwill. The vast selection of used clothing has everything from hockey jerseys to wedding dresses to leather pants. To find the perfect costume, one must have a clear vision to wade through the chaos. With expert thrift-hunting skills and the help of Goodwill’s Halloween Bootique, I pieced together a witch costume fit for any Jersey grandma!

Velvet Pants - $5.29

I went for a comfortable-yet-functional outfit for a witch on the go. These black velvet pants with an elastic waist allow for mobility and unlimited candy consumption.

Velvet Hoodie - $5.29

This matching, black velvet hoodie provides convenient pockets for stashing treasures.

Ratty Wig - $2.59

This brings a straight-from-the-shower-drain element to the look.

Witch Hat - $4.99

This hat tops it off so people know that I might look casual, but I’m still here to curse an orphan.

Total - $18.16

click to enlarge Dressing like a witch for under $50
CP photo: Jared Wickerham
Jordan Snowden

Jordan: Halloween Superstores are where creativity goes to die. The temporary stores make it possible to create a costume without much thought, given that price is not a factor. I could have easily picked up a pre-packaged witch costume, but that’s no fun. This is what I was able to piece together while maintaining my creative freedom.

Witch Hat - $14.99

The veil on this hat is the only reason I bought it. 

Spiderweb Tights - $9.99

I normally wear a small, but I got a medium/large because the items at Halloween stores are usually tiny … the tights were snug. 

Poncho - $19.99

The woman in the packaging’s picture was wearing the poncho as a dress. But the poncho is indeed a poncho, and not long enough to be worn on its own. Luckily, there was a simple fix. I slipped a black dress on underneath and channeled my inner witch.

Total - $44.97

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