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Preview: Broad Squad Comedy – A Night of Female Comics

"I’m not sure who said [women aren't funny], but I’d bet it was an unfunny man."

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Chrissy Costa
On Friday, Pittsburgh-based comedian Chrissy Costa brings kickass comics Samantha Bentley, Alonna Breisch, Helen Wildy, Paige Polesnak, and Amanda Averell together for an estrogen-filled night of laughs and camaraderie at Club Café (10 p.m., Fri., Sept. 21). 

Before all the fun, City Paper staff writer Jordan Snowden had a quick chat with Costa about the upcoming show and women in comedy.

Why do you feel there is a need for an all-female comic night?
It’s something that doesn’t happen in Pittsburgh often, if ever. I don’t know that I saw it as a necessity. I just thought it would be fun and decided to put one together. It’s not an anti-man event. I encourage the boys to come out. I personally have had only positive experiences with male comics here in Pittsburgh. I haven’t shared the stage with as many female comics and I thought of this event as a way to showcase a diverse group of women.

Tell me about the a little about the different acts.
We have an eclectic group of ladies who will each bring their unique voice to the table. You will just have to come to the show to experience it firsthand.

What do you think about the stereotype that females aren’t funny?
I’m not sure who said that, but I’d bet it was an unfunny man. None of the men in my life share that perspective. It’s as absurd and non-factual as me stating that men with mustaches are 58 percent more likely to start a fight at Applebee’s.

How did you go about choosing the acts?
I chose some badass women whom I’ve worked with before and whose work I admire, as well as women whom I hadn’t yet me but were highly praised and recommended to me for this show.

What can attendees expect at the event?
They can expect lots of laughs, different perspectives, and their menstrual cycles to sync up. I’m kidding. There will be men in the audience as well.

Anything else you feel CP readers should know?
I had been wanting to create a troupe /ensemble of various types of female entertainers and perform together as “The Broad Squad” for several years. It didn’t come to fruition the way I had envisioned. Then I thought why not make the Broad Squad an event instead.

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