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'Bee Kind' on National Honey Bee Day

Are you feeling tired? Weak? Irritable?

Well, you may be deficient in Vitamin Bee — Honey Bees, to be exact — and, lucky for you, Aug. 18 is National Honey Bee Day.

These pollinators get little respect, their reputations clouded with visuals of dive-bombing wasps and traumatic childhood stings. Bees carry the weight of our entire ecosystem, fertilizing plants for the world's food supply.

For years, the Honey Bee population has been on the decline. In 2017, bees experienced their first increase in numbers. These little guys deserve some celebration!

Bridge and Tunnel Books, located on Pittsburgh's North Side, has decided to do just that. The shop is offering a "Bee Kind" bundle, featuring The Bee Book and local honey from Bedillion Honey Farm. With every bundle purchase Bridge and Tunnel will donate $5 to the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation, an organization that works towards protection and prosperity of pollinators. The 10th buyer will receive free beekeeping lessons at the Bedillion Honey Farm.

At CP, we're just buzzing about bees. And, never opposed to education (or tasty honey) we decided to check out the "Bee Kind" bundle.

Created by The Foliage Library, The Bee Book combines aspects of geometry, art, engineering, and environmentalism — something the library hopes to do with every publication.

The Bee Book isn't much of a book as a piece of art. The hexagon-shaped and honeycomb reminiscent book is a never-ending series of unfolding pieces. Each layer of the book is filled with facts about bees, ranging from flower preference to scientific names.

Once it was apparent that all flaps were not supposed to be held down at one time, the book became a hit. It's interactive, eye-catching, and informative, all things to capture the attention of both children and adults.

The honey was easier to navigate and just as satisfying. The Bedillion Honey Farm, in Hickory Pennsylvania, harvests their honey and beeswax year round.

Bedillion's honey is perfect. The difference between local honey and the store-bought Aldi bear is massive. The honey is smooth and sweet, perfect for peanut butter and banana sandwiches. We quickly stowed it away in preparation for fall tea drinking.

The "Bee Kind" bundle is un-bee-lieveable. It's the bee's knees. A buzzworthy success (okay, we're done now).

Help a bee out by purchasing your own bundle from Bridge and Tunnel. It's all it's cracked up to bee.