Pittsburgh City Paper | Issue Archives | Jul 29, 2004

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Jul 29 - Aug 4, 2004

Vol. 20, No. 30


  • Quick Cash? No Interest, Says City

    Proposal bars payday lenders from neighborhoods -- for nowWhy is a city in financial crisis telling certain lenders where they can go? One reason: 400 percent interest.

    By Rich Lord

  • A Liberal Dose

    Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and cartoonist Ted Rall on reviving liberalism

    By Bill O'Driscoll

  • The Jeffersons

    Awardee miffed at P-G's no-show

    By Brentin Mock

  • Bush League

    A Modest Roundup of (Im)pertinent Media about the Current Administration

    By Bill O'Driscoll

  • Up in Smokestack

    Buchanan drops charges against protestors

    By Chris Potter




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