Pittsburgh City Paper | Issue Archives | Feb 5, 2004

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Feb 5-11, 2004

Vol. 20, No. 5


  • Tangled Up In Blues

    The blues as we know it ain't the blues as it was. Author Elijah Wald maps out a different route from Robert Johnson's crossroads.

    By Justin Hopper

  • The Public Storm

    The Quiet Storm will soon offer shares in itself. The dividend: caffeinated

    By Marty Levine

  • Memory Still Alive

    Friends of Jamie Stickle, who was found burned to death outside her North Side apartment, mark two years without a resolution

    By Marty Levine

  • Academy: Still in Attendance

    By Julie Mickens

  • Family Feud

    State Rep. Joe Preston faces a challenge from one of his (former) own

    By Brentin Mock

  • Tommy the Turtle Sez ...

    Lazarus leaving isn't quite a stinker of biblical proportions

    By Rich Lord

  • Cash and Wary

    Though technically illegal, short-term, high-interest lenders are thriving -- and Harrisburg's answer may be to legalize them.

    By Rich Lord

  • Longer Labor

    A second round of picketing is planned in janitors' dismissal

    By Julie Mickens

  • Follow That Story

    Hardly Free Parking

    By Rich Lord