Pittsburgh City Paper | Issue Archives | Sep 25, 2003

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Sep 25 - Oct 1, 2003

Vol. 19, No. 39


  • Dr. Tyson Examines His Books

    Pediatrician Scott Tyson transforms crying babies into bundles of joy. Keeping the finances healthy for his independent practice, though, can make him want to kick and scream.

    By Marty Levine

  • Laptops of Luxury

    City computer buys get councilor thinking high tech

    By Rich Lord

  • Patriotic Ax

    The USA Patriot Act has friends mostly in high places.

    By Bill O'Driscoll

  • Fare Thee Well

    Port Authority welcomes $10 million in highway funding to help plug budget hole

    By Julie Mickens

  • Union Trusting

    Unions are the worst way to press for workers' rights -- except for every other method.

    By Chris Potter

  • Suburban Senator Seeks City Subsidy

    Battles business bullheadedness, Murphy miscommunication

    By Rich Lord

  • Unreal Deal

    Even a Courier writer wonders what it's doing linked to the Trib.

    By Brentin Mock



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