Pittsburgh City Paper | Issue Archives | May 29, 2008

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May 29 - Jun 4, 2008

Vol. 18, No. 22


  • Open Registration

    Councilors hope "Mutual Commitment" bill is the first step toward equal rights for same-sex couples

    By Chris Potter

  • Class Trip

    The district knows where Schenley's students will go if the school closes, but what about the teachers?

    By Chris Young

  • Feat of Clay

    Rankin's own Monty Meza-Clay is ready to take on the world's boxing champion -- and the world itself

    By Charlie Deitch

  • Evolving Faith

    Minister says you don't have to choose between God and Darwin

    By Melissa Meinzer

  • Sprawled Out

    By Bill O'Driscoll




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