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Posted by RobynBryan on 11/15/2015 at 6:21 AM

Re: “Buchanan wins another online obscenity case

I met "Bob Black" and "Lizzy Borden" at the 2001 AVN Expo in Las Vegas. Despite being very nice people, they were concerned with their rights under the first amendment. Does the new administration have any power to reverse the decision or reverse obscenity laws put in place by prior administrations which ironically goes back to the Clinton administration?

Posted by vintageabsinthe on 03/25/2009 at 7:28 PM

Re: “Buchanan wins another online obscenity case

Unfortunately, Extreme Associates was another victim of the Bush administration witch hunts against the adult entertainment industry. Did they mess up by using the U.S. Mail? Yes. Do they deserve to go to prison for making movies that people DO NOT have to watch unless they want to? No. Sad, really.

Posted by SherBear on 03/11/2009 at 5:30 PM

Re: “Despite lawsuits and gift allegations, Lamar moving ahead on billboard

If the public only knew how bad local, state and federal corruption of public officials is, they would be even more disgusted and angry than now. But they are only seeing the tip of a very big ice berg. Karl Rove is now an "expert" on FOX "NEWS" (Fair and Balanced???? Ya, right!) , but he should be in jail (his former bosses, too, especially Bush & Cheney.) Corruption here is Ohio is monstrous. At least we finally got rid of Taft, Blackwell and their ilk. Pittsburgh has, unfortunately, been a hot spot of corruption. I'm glad to see that the CP is exposing some of it. These PA Plutocrats will try to sue you out of existence, that's my prediction. Their bribes, pay-offs, drug use, marital infidelity, etc., can't stand the light of day. Sincerely and keep up your great work, Ohio Investigator.

Posted by OhioInvestigator on 02/27/2009 at 2:04 PM

Re: “Bar owners make Brenda Frazier public enemy #1


Posted by m scott on 05/18/2008 at 7:06 PM

Re: “Bar owners make Brenda Frazier public enemy #1

Not only should the bar owners declare no to Brenda Frazier so to should the concerned citizens of South Pittsburgh - she hasn't had the time of day for our serious needs and wow has it declined. She's a classic case of didn't accomplish anything with the task at hand so time for a new role!

Posted by C moir on 04/25/2008 at 6:32 AM

Re: “Bar owners make Brenda Frazier public enemy #1

It is amazing to me that Allegheny County Democrats would rather pull the party line lever at the ballot box (the most unconstitutional fraud ever perpetrated on a democracy), with the result that they are frequently lied to but at least it is by like-minded individuals. Never mind that Pittsburgh Magazine noted that "no new taxes" Onorato was actually a Republican until he decided that he be unelectable and switched parties. And all that "no new taxes" means is that there will be no new taxes for some, while others will need to pick up the slack. The truth be told, returning the .5 mil tax that resulted in the last property tax reduction would have raised more than what PAT required and would have increased property taxes, on average, $150. Assuming that a Martini costs about $6 a bottle of wine $20 and a beer $4 anyone spending $30/week on in-house cocktails, wine and/or beer would pay MORE than $150/year in increased taxes. And since the average Allegheny County resident does not spend $30/week on in-house cocktails/wine/beer, the smaller percentage of those who do will be paying substantially more for the privilege of patronizing their favorite restaurants, taverns or watering holes. And some of those people have already decided that 10% is too much, especially since their consumption must be above the $30/week level. So who loses? Well, the hospitality workers who work mostly for tips (the average bartender makes about $2/hr in actual pay). But who cares about hospitality workers? Obviously not our elected officials. Of course, any other segment of the population might be next, especially given the current state of the budgets of our local governments. Time to move, I guess.

Posted by Sean McLinden on 04/22/2008 at 5:05 PM

Re: “Bar owners make Brenda Frazier public enemy #1

Please vote for Obama so we can have a toast late April 22! Senator Barack Obama has been right on more issues than the other Presidential candidates. Senator Obama was the only candidate who had the judgment necessary to take a stand against our misguided war in Iraq from the start. Obama is the candidate has most consistently called for America to end the wild goose chase in Iraq and redirect its might to the unfinished business of finally tracking down the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11. Obama has been the strongest candidate on cleaning up Washington. He spearheaded major ethics reform laws in Congress. He is the only candidate to reject money from registered lobbyists. He is the only candidate to pass laws showing where all our government money spent on contractors is going. Senator Obama is the only candidate who had the foresight not to vote for Bush’s warmongering resolution last Fall declaring Iran’s military to be terrorists. Only weeks later we learned that at the same time the President was painting the imminent picture of a nuclear-armed Iran, a secret top-level National Intelligence Estimate report had found that Iran stopped its nuclear weapons development in 2003 and probably hasn’t restarted it since then. The other candidates as recently as last Fall fell into the trap of nearly going down the path towards another unnecessary war we cannot afford. Obama is the candidate who is inspiring people with a clear and consistent message of unity and hope for change. He is the only candidate who understands that the usual grind it out, Washington attack politics has not worked and will not work to bring real and lasting change to America. Without a unity of purpose and hope, no change can stick. Future politicians will tear down any change that does not have broad and unified support. Of all the Presidential candidates, Obama has shown the most promise in being able to deliver. He has proven he has the ability to execute on his message. He managed and organized his campaign better than the other candidates. He went from being the long-shot to taking the lead in delegates, the popular vote and states won. Senator Obama has tried to stay on the high road and has been the most honest with Americans in his campaign. He has done something big right, in a big way. Senator Obama is not perfect, but he is our best hope. Please vote to enable us, the People, to take the next steps to changing America for the better with President Obama leading the way.

Posted by Duck Soup on 04/19/2008 at 12:58 PM

Re: “Bar owners make Brenda Frazier public enemy #1

No. The people who work in the service industry are solidly behind HosPAC and their efforts to take on every one of these candidates. The line that this was the only thing they could do is crap and we don't buy it. Brenda Frasier is going down!

Posted by Jo on 04/17/2008 at 9:48 PM

Re: “Bar owners make Brenda Frazier public enemy #1

The numbers are in? What about long term trends? I would think rising gas prices alone would offset any "savings" of drinking across the county line. The LGBT angle is interesting. Electing Frazier is going to be a much stronger benefit for the bottom line of LGBT bar owners than putting Bodack or Costa into office. Let's hope they continue to support the slate of the Steel City Stonewall Democrats, including Frazier.

Posted by Sue Kerr on 04/15/2008 at 6:07 PM

Re: “Gays rule Pittsburgh, Oklahoma legislator charges

I'm concerned about Diane Gramely and her American Family Association ,she is not normal and her American Family organization is not normal . The REAL (not Hers ) American family is not all WASP , nor are they All heterosexual, or consist of two partners , male and female , everyone is not a christian . Also to get the record straight : just because your a christian doesn't mean that you don't abuse children , the elderly , disabled , the sickly . The American family " that she doesn't have a clue about ,doesn't have good health care , fancy cars and houses , food in the refrigerator ,a great job (even with their college education ) or have two to three generations in the house . It is no ones bossiness who others marry or love , definitely not hers . Closed minded people should keep their mouth shut and their opinions to themselves ,especially when they have no clue as to what they are talking about . To the GBLT community the heterosexual Family is not normal or sacred or healthy for children . Proof is on the News everyday of abuse , murder, and in our divorce courts . Opposite marriages are not the only way of marriage , it exploits and undervalues women . most don't stay married for more than five years if that ,if they are following a religion for most ,it is for their children's sake , or to look good , just as they use their cars , house, schools, money to deem their worth . I see a bunch of spoiled , self centered children , unsupervised , catered to , coming out of Diane's American family who usually aren't socially competent to deal with the real world and whom only know how to destroy anyone who gets in their way . The ratio for children committing murder , child-parentcide and other crimes are much higher among the "American Family of Heterosexuals than it is among homosexuals . We need leaders who accept and respect Human Rights to be the norm for all : The constitution was written for Every human not just heterosexuals !!!!! I'm glad I'm not a part of or in Diane's American family ! I can only imagine the conditional help that families get from her organization . I hope she doesn't have children or Grandchildren . As Obama says , "We need a change " I say , We need people in leadership positions who are reality oriented not those living in their own little fantasy world !

Posted by Grace Takelal on 03/19/2008 at 12:09 PM

Re: “Gays rule Pittsburgh, Oklahoma legislator charges

"My concern is not that homosexuals are voted into public office; it's that they may use that position of power to further the homosexual agenda." Did you press her on what comprises the homosexual agenda? If she does not know, the next logical ting would be to approach Bruce Kraus and demand a copy, I guess.

Posted by Bram Reichbaum on 03/19/2008 at 11:42 AM

Re: “Roosevelt asks to delay school district restructuring

Roosevelt is a sad excuse for a superintendent! I say this as a result to a comment he made the other day about the inclement weather conditions. He said, ("I would not have changed anything if I could.") He was refering to the chaos that occured from the lack of judgement on his his part. He had no reguard to the healt or wellbeing of Pittsburgh Public School children. If you feel the same way contact http://groups.msn.com/PittsburghPublicSchoolParents to share your views and opinions

Posted by PPSpar3nt on 02/16/2008 at 1:14 PM

Re: “Analysis: Ravenstahl Wins Mayoral Electon Bid

Interesting for two reasons. #1, I would make a huge distinction between the largely good-government burghosphere and the progressive set, which I totally agree has "class issues to work out." However, that might be the kind of distinction you really need to be inside the snow-globe to even notice. #2, as to the need to "work out class issues," well if that doesn't strike me as a microcosm of national politics, and the smear against Gore and Kerry and every other national Democrat, I don't know what does. Between you, me and the losers reading this, there's a lot of evidence that the DeSantis lot on average was much better informed. Calling the other side names is not constructive, but pretending that fact doesn't exist I think is both futile and impossible, and did I say futile. I see two possible solutions to this. One is for the reform coalition to remain engaged and to bring their Brahmin-like knowledge to bear on issues WITHIN THE YINZER'S DIRECT EXPERIENCE -- neighborhood development (or rather, developments within neighborhoods), should a good opportunity, if we remain vigilant in real-time. Another solution, looking again to the national scene, is that the Dems are not regaining power because of Pelosi's and Reid's awesome oratorical skillz ... but because Bush and Cheney are heaping outrage upon obvious outrage on the republic. Maybe that's all we need to wait for, locally.

Posted by Bram Reichbaum on 11/08/2007 at 1:13 PM

Re: “Analysis: Ravenstahl Wins Mayoral Electon Bid

"I think this is more how the other side characterizes us, notwithstanding the sometimes overzealous gentleman from Dems for DeSantis." >>>> Sadly, I don't think the phenomenon is not confined to any one site. It's not even really confined to this campaign. I, and more than a few others I've spoken with, have gotten the sense that Pittsburgh's progressive set really do need to work out some class issues. I think Brian O'Neill's column alluded to this today. I agree that this was an especially tough year to be a Republican. Though interestingly, Democrats tried a similar gambit in Montgomery County -- tying more-or-less moderate GOP county commissioner candidates to the House of Bush -- and it failed. But Montgomery County has much different registration and demographic patterns, so such a tactic was bound to fail. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Posted by Chris Potter on 11/08/2007 at 11:53 AM

Re: “Analysis: Ravenstahl Wins Mayoral Electon Bid

The only thing I'd add to the analysis of DeSantis's performance would be that, although Democratic identification was as strong this year as it ever was, antipathy towards Republicanism was at a historic high. Between the war in Iraq, torture, wiretapping, Katrina, and about a million other things, DeSantis would have done better this year running on the Vampire Child Molester ticket than with the Republicans. In think it's fair to apply that reasoning when considering what this election has to say about Luke's opposition from Democratic challengers in 2009. "simply had too many words on them, making them difficult for older voters to read" I had the same thought, although for some reason I did not mention it at the time. Although my concern was less about readability as comprehensibility; what were the IMPORTANT points we should be remembering? "If you want to lead a city, it might be wise not to dismiss its residents as a bunch of decrepit yinzer morons." As I said, I think this is more how the other side characterizes us, notwithstanding the sometimes overzealous gentleman from Dems for DeSantis. Besides which, the 'sphere this year was more of a whip-up-the-base operation; I don't think we're yet at the point of influencing the unwashed masses, so it was safe to be a little frank.

Posted by Bram Reichbaum on 11/08/2007 at 11:41 AM

Re: “Oct. 11 Mayoral Debate Transcript

Mark -- Yes, the comments of the Libertarian and SWP candidates will be added along with the rest of the transcript. I hope to have that done sometime over the weekend.

Posted by Chris Potter on 10/12/2007 at 10:41 AM

Re: “Oct. 11 Mayoral Debate Transcript

Thanks Chris! Hope that the statements of Tony Oliva can be posted too!

Posted by Mark Rauterkus on 10/12/2007 at 9:37 AM

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