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Best Of Pittsburgh 2017 FAQ 

Having trouble getting logged into the ballot?
The login issue with our mobile site has been fixed.

I want to nominate a company that doesn’t fit into any of the categories. How do I add one?

At this time, all of the categories are set. When we pick new categories, we consider the following:

  • Would readers find a category useful?
  • Can you name more than three nominees for a category?

Where is the submit button? How do I know if I submitted my ballot?

There is no final submit button. Once you click the "submit" button on the individual category your nomination is recorded.

Why do I have to make an account?

The software requires users to create an account — but we don’t view it as a bad thing. Since the ballot is lengthy, users can log in and out whenever they want. It also prevents ballot stuffing.

Why are there two rounds? Wasn't there only one round last year?

Yes, there was only one round of voting last year. This year we changed our ballot to have nominations for the first round, this is when readers nominate their local faves. Next, we have the voting round, which is the top nominees in each category from the first round. That way more amazing people get their moment in the spotlight. Everyone wins!

How do you get on the ballot?

Promote yourself or your business with our Campaign Tools during the nominations!

After nominations we analyze all the results and then it's time for Pittsburgh to vote for their favorites.

Can I vote on behalf of my employees or friends?

Businesses are not permitted to fill out or submit ballots on behalf of their employees, customers or anyone else -- with or without consent. Any business offering discounts or anything of value in exchange for votes will be automatically disqualified. Bands are not permitted to fill out ballots on behalf of their fans.

Why are certain locations popping up as I type in my nominations?

Second Street Media's software pulls in Google results as you type in your answers. If your choice isn't showing up, you can simply write in your answer.

I’m having trouble registering. What do I do?

We would suggest trying a different browser and device. If that doesn't work, please let us know by emailing

When will we know who wins?

Winners will be announced in our Best Of Pittsburgh issue and online on October 18, 2017.

Ok, now that you know the facts go vote!

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