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5 ways to celebrate National Vinyl Record Day

Sure, it seems like every day is national "something or other" day, but National Vinyl Record Day on Wednesday is a good excuse as any to cut loose halfway through your week and spend some time with some of your favorite tunes. Here are 5 ways to help you celebrate.

1. Dance it out

Maybe it's been a while since you broke out your vinyl. So dust them off, put on your favorite record, and groove! With so much going on in the world, take the time for yourself and just let your body flow and move to the beat. (We recommend checking out Conduit by Shawn Rudiman.)

2. Support a local record store

Grab your mask and head out to one (or more) of the amazing independent record shops Pittsburgh has to offer. Maybe you'll find a new piece of vinyl to add to your collection. If you're still wary about heading out to a shop, check out the stores' online offerings.

3. Show your record player and vinyl collection love

Reorganize, wipe down album covers, dust off your record player. Spend a little time making sure everything is in good shape.

4. Gear up to watch the Other Music documentary

On what would have been Record Store Day earlier this year, Factory 25, alongside Oscilloscope Laboratories, partnered with over 50 independent theaters and record stores across the country to release Other Music, a documentary on New York City's now-closed indie record store of the same name. The film could be rented for a short period of time through local records stores and theatres, with the profit going back to the local business. On Aug. 25, the film will be released digitally to stream at home on Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, and more.

5. Share your favorite vinyl memories

Did you have your first kiss while listening to Sade's Diamond Life? Did you stand outside in the rain to get an exclusive Record Store Day release? Tweet us (@pghcitypaper) and share your favorite memories associated with vinyl records.

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