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4 Ways to Help Your Business Stand Out Online

Starting and owning a business, no matter what size, is filled with challenges. With the internet at our fingertips, standing out and gaining momentum can be even more difficult. The local experts at A.Nicole.Tay share 4 tips on how to stand out in the digital age.

1. Have a Plan

In the digital landscape, having social media and an internet presence is key. 9/10 of your website or social media pages are a consumer’s first impression of your brand. But social media without purpose or direction only ends up lost in the algorithmic void.

2. Understanding Your Audience

Having one post go “viral” is great for business, but not if the results can’t be replicated or if the traction created doesn’t result in anything. Finding your niche is crucial — not all trends will make sense for your brand or resonate with your audience. Knowing who you want to reach with your marketing will make it easier to create engaging and interesting content.

3. Being Consistent

Whether you're an established brand, small business, or even a side hustle, being consistent with your branding will make a world of difference. A lack of cohesion can cause confusion, create a misunderstanding of what your business does, or leave consumers frustrated due to poor digital set ups. Frequency across your media channels will yield better results than only one good quality post. You can’t stop posting and expect to blow up overnight.

4. Keep it simple

Keeping designs simple and easy to read will not only make your life easier, but will make your content easier to consume. Bad graphic design is just as easy to come by as good graphic design, but the choice will heavily affect your brand perception.
ANICOLETAY is a local women-owned Pittsburgh business that provides social media training and company branding resources to businesses in any development stage.To learn more go to www.anicoletay.com.

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