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It's a swell premise -- what if man-eating humanoids who lived by night invaded Barrow, Alaska? In the dead of winter, not only is the U.S.'s northernmost town deathly cold and cut off, but it endures 30 days without sunlight. There's nothing terribly wrong with David Slade's adaptation of the popular graphic novel; it's just doesn't break much new ground. It's Night of the Living Dead and all its countless iterations, but with more darkness. A tiny band of survivors, including plucky teen, sexy firewoman and Inuit elder, led by a level-headed lawman (Josh Hartnett), hole up and plot head-shot kills. The first attacks are the best, when the intruders and their methods are still mysterious; later, gore takes precedence, and the back-and-forth human-monster deaths grow tedious. In English, and alien tongue, with subtitles. Starts Fri., Oct. 19. (AH)

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